Everyone Can Pull Up The Iron Curtain,
The Art Is To Build Iron Bridges.
Folkart Time
B1 K:9 D:914
Kazım Dirik Mh. 296 Sk. No:8
Bornova - İzmir / Türkiye
T +90 232 247 26 52
F +90 232 247 26 53
[email protected]
Everyone Can Pull Up The Iron Curtain,
The Art Is To Build Iron Bridges.
Always Northbound
About Us
Air Anka is one of the names with big goals and potential in air cargo, placing people at the heart of our service approach, bringing centuries of tradition together with today's modern technology. In awareness of the value of customer experience, Air Anka holds a different position in the industry with their personally customised services. Representing our country in the aviation industry, Air Anka is capable of providing services in all areas of global aviation sector. As a company not only successful in reliability, speed and flexibility expected by all clients receiving services in today's world, but also being very sensitive in regard of flight safety, each and every product delivered by Air Anka is a trust between you and us and your trust is in safe hands with Air Anka!
Why Air Anka?
Air Anka, an international air cargo company based in Turkey, expert pilots, technical team, technological infrastructure and international...
Services ...
With the many layered processes in the production industry, quite difficult and demanding...
Sectors ...
From technological products to heavy industry production, from retail to food, in a wide range of sectors...
Solutions ...
Whether it's a new collection for a store at the other end of the world, a vehicle or a construction machine or...
We are here
to deliver
We are here to solve your demands.
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