Everyone Can Pull Up The Iron Curtain,
The Art Is To Build Iron Bridges.
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Covid 19

Covid 19

Covid-19 pandemic caused many changes across the world, which still continue. Acting as the herald of a new world order, the pandemic caused changes and transformations in each industry, giving rise to the need for many precautions. In this period at the beginning of a new era, many companies who were caught unprepared could not survive, while those who were prepared, strong and foresighted continue to shape their future. In this Covid era which led to a quite critical process wherein the fight still continues, many people catch the disease and many of us had to say goodbye to loved ones. As Air Anka we continue to fulfil our duties and responsibilities in this difficult process.
As Air Anka we fulfil all conditions required under the new world order caused by Covid-19. We place great importance in the trust of our clients and we take extra measures against Covid-19 in order to maintain this trust. In this context, we would like you to know that our company has passed all tests required by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the World Health Organisation, that all our personnel are vaccinated, and that we all work in accord with social distancing rules.
In addition, we also take full advantage of all facilities provided by technology and continue our operation under support of Pacem Technology. The 100% certified virus cleaning devices specially designed for our planes by Pacem allow us to clean all articles from the cockpit to the uniforms of all our personnel. The anti-microbial effect of this special device allow plasma application for disinfection to ensure an environment completely free of microbes. We would like to give our thanks to Pacem Technology again for their support in this process with their works certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the World Health Organisation.
Visitors to our site and other companies involved in production activities can also solve their Covid-19 disinfection problems with Pacem Technology. As Air Anka we stipulate and maintain necessary measures and trainings against Covid-19 and other various epidemics in scope of occupational safety of our employees.
Air Anka aims not only to delivery your products to their destinations as fast as possible, but also to ensure healthy and safe delivery, and continues to take all steps required to this end!

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