Everyone Can Pull Up The Iron Curtain,
The Art Is To Build Iron Bridges.
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B1 K:9 D:914
Kazım Dirik Mh. 296 Sk. No:8
Bornova - İzmir / Türkiye
T +90 232 247 26 52
F +90 232 247 26 53
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Food and Agriculture

When talking of transport for food and agriculture industry there are many parameters to take into account. Air Anka provides the most suitable conditions in awareness of all these parameters. You can send your products to any destination you wish with Air Anka assurance in many regards like optimum shelf life. Thanks to variety and quality of solutions specifically developed for food and agriculture industry your products are kept as fresh as their first day. You can set aside all your worries about perishable goods or heat-sensitive cargoes and fully enjoy Air Anka assurance!

• Shor Transport Time, Long Shelf Life
• Latest Technology Storage Conditions
• Active Cooling
• Temperature Controlled Transport
• Comprehensive Documentation
• Expedited Customs Procedures...


The advantages Air Anka provides in regard of security and delivery can meet all transport demands of the art sector. With the solutions specifically offered for the needs of art sector you can deliver your matchless works to their destinations under attendance of our expert teams.

• Safe Transport
• Flexible and Fast Delivery
• Product-specific Solutions
• Expert and Experienced Personnel...


Health sector has very high level and very specific logistic demands. In awareness of this, Air Anka is in possession of an approach and advanced technology aimed to meet these demands. We offer transport services for all medical products with our solutions aimed at meeting special needs of the health industry. Your products are delivered under necessary temperature controls by attendance of our expert teams. We always follow the principle of confidentiality, and feel honoured to be in service of the health industry.

• Expert and Experienced Personnel
• Temperature Controlled Transport
• Comprehensive Safety Standards
• Confidentiality
• High Level of Responsibility...


Many parameters are in question in regard of transportation in chemicals industry. The foremost amongst these is safety without a doubt. When you have to send special chemicals or products with short shelf life for an urgent order you can chose from our comprehensive service portfolio from standard procedures to services customised for your needs. You can safely entrust all chemical industry deliveries to Air Anka. In addition to full compliance with applicable regulations, our company also places great importance in confidentiality, and delivers the cargo entrusted to us with maximum speed and safety!

• Suitable transport services for all hazardous material classes (1 to 9)
• Temperature Controlled Transport
• Extra Safety Precautions...
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